"Right now, the world needs as many transformational speakers, coaches and consultants as possible."


We can’t wait for you to figure out how to do it. We need you right now. We need you able to focus on your work, not worrying about how to run your business. And, we need you to be successful so you can continue to do the work you are here to do.

 I've been designing, leading, coaching and consulting in transformational education for more than 25 years. I’ve sold to, coached and consulted with the top 100 Fortune companies, public companies, private companies, with entrepreneurs, with teams, and with individuals. I have been a leader in three different transformational firms – running big pieces of business – and now I’m successfully running two consulting/coaching/leadership development businesses of my own.

I've put in the time. I've done the training and certifications. I've run lines of business. I've managed teams doing the same, and I've sold tens of millions of dollars of business. I can help you as a coach and consultant run an effective, successful business that makes the difference you want to make.

With my background, proven track-record, a powerful community of like-minded business people, you don’t have to figure out how to do this yourself.

You have your unique gifts, and, so does each hand-selected member of The Sapphire Circle. Imagine the wealth of knowledge and support available in an elite Mastermind of deliberately selected transformational businesspeople! 

Requirements to Apply for The Sapphire Circle 

1. You have a clear purpose, mission or initiative that makes an impact for good on the planet. 

2. You have a defined list of products or services, and pricing identified. 

3. You will commit to bringing a learner mindset, being vulnerable, and being real throughout the year. 

4. You've delivered at least 50 hours of paid speaking, coaching, and/or consulting. 

5. You've sold a minimum of $25,000 in products/services in your business.

6. You will commit at least 10 hours weekly to assignments for growth and development in the program. 

7. You will hold yourself to the highest level of integrity in both your business and in your efforts in The Sapphire Circle. 


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The Sapphire Circle Details

  • The Sapphire Circle is an ongoing mastermind community, with a beginning commitment of one year. 

  • Three, transformational retreat sessions conducted Friday through Sunday. 

  • Bi-monthly group video sessions.  

  • Public speaking training for transforming audiences so that you are extraordinarily effective at delivering your make-a-difference content. 

  • Design training for coaching, educations programs, and consulting engagements for incredible impact, effectiveness and high-end value.

  • Enjoy and learn from Guest Speakers throughout the year who specialize in global leadership, transformational program design, and business building (such as finances, marketing, and staffing). 

  • Learn about the business of consulting & coaching
    • Contract writing and negotiations. 
    • Pricing for sales and success. 
    • Legal structures 
    • Insurance requirements 
    • Finances and bookkeeping 

  • Group accountability. Design consistent practices that grow your business. 

  • Learn about advisory boards and how they can help you scale your business.

  • Learn about your unique decision-making processes, how to disrupt your business, and how to design for pivoting.
  • Use the Enneagram personality profile to support your natural/organic way of orienting to your business.

  • Learn how to use tried and true Change Processes for your business and clients. 

  • Learn Integral Theory and how that supports you and your business.

  • Design a business initiative for the year worth a minimum of $30,000 to your bottom line. 

  • Continuous connection to your Sapphire Circle group through  WhatsApp for community, and inquiry. Ongoing access to the Learning Portal for videos, assignments, and readings. 

  • For the year, receive a monthly, 45 min one-on-one coaching session with Master Performance Coach, Andrea Bednar. 

  • Introduction to various assessments for your own development, as well as tools for your clients. Examples: The Enneagram, Change Assessment, Strengths Assessment and more.   

  • Design a business development and marketing plan
    • Office Set-up
    • Selling transformational coaching/consulting 
    • Weekly growth practices and actions 
    • Marketing content planning and practices
    • Finding your marketing voice 
    • Designing your perfect prospect

  • Exponential personal and professional development through expanding your capacities and awareness, and exposure to methodologies and tools.

Sapphire Circle Interview Application

To request an interview to explore membership in The Sapphire Circle, please provide your contact information.  Once submitted, you will be redirected to a page where you'll place a $100 fully refundable deposit and schedule your meeting with Andrea.

Up-level Your Results

Learn from a Master Performance Coach with over 25 years of experience. Learn how to cause and sustain transformational impact with your clients.

Exponentially Grow Your Business

Develop yourself inside an elite circle of coaches and consultants to create, maintain and expand a six-figure speaking/coaching/consulting business. 

Per Month


Pricing based in a flexible monthly payment for ease. 

  • The listed 12 month program key benefits. 
  • 1-hour kick off call to design your specific initiative. 
  • Access to the Practice-of-Practicing Challenge. 
  • Private, Quarterly Check-in call for one hour to discuss your goals.
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Per Year


Discounted offer to Pay in Full

  • The listed 12 month program key benefits. 
  • 1-hour kick off call to design your specific initiative. 
  • Access to the Practice-of-Practicing Challenge. 
  • Private, Quarterly Check-in call for one hour to discuss your goals. 
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Previous Client

"I stepped into the program designing an initiative that was well outside of my comfort zone. I had all of the reasons why I would stumble and perhaps even fail but I had worked with Andrea in the past - so I had faith that she could push me exactly where I needed it most to stand for my outcome. When you’re held with such expertise, the impossible becomes possible. I didn’t achieve my initiative goals- I surpassed them. The insights into my functioning as a business owner, wife and mother where all unintentional side effects of doing the work of the Program."

Previous Client 

"The experience was so much greater than I could have imagined, and that was due to your leadership and support. Your gracious attitude and true desire to get people to reach their leadership possibilities was very inspiring and energizing to me personally. I appreciate all of your encouragement and support."

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Meet Andrea Bednar 
Master Performance Coach 

After twenty years in performance consulting, Andrea Bednar has designed and delivered performance leadership programs to thousands of executives as well having successfully delivered hundreds of corporate programs. Because of her background and experience, Andrea knows that leaders have focused again and again on results – often burning out along the way and rarely sustaining the results.

Her mission is to have leaders stop focusing on results and start focusing first on purpose and then on the practices, actions and behaviors that deliver results, are measurably effective and produce the experience of satisfaction.


She’s worked with clients in various industries, and throughout North America, the UK and Europe, the Middle East, South East Asia, and Australia. In addition, Andrea’s personal contribution to the global community is a profoundly satisfying aspect of her career. In her passion for the practice of inquiry, she has led salons all over the world to encourage (and train) others; she was one of the co-founders of the Executives for the Extraordinary – Education for Everyone (E4E). She is a board member for PASS Consulting and she is also responsible and accountable for the Society of International Business Fellows Leadership Academy. Andrea is also an executive board member for the Society of International Business Fellows. Andrea is a certified Master Integral Coach and lives in North Texas with her husband, Tim, and their Great Pyrenees. 

Her projects have included transforming the trauma and measurable performance of 9000 employees and contractors at a refinery after a tragic accident; moving an established and honored R&D department from a closed world of research to an effective marketing area for a new product for forestry; the refocus and repurpose of a division of an oil & gas major in Alaska after a spill; bringing leadership development and performance to mining in Malaysia; supporting factory workers to have an effective, united, rational voice in their business; aligning contractors, office staff and management on budget, scheduling and safety of a $1 billion project in Canada; creating effective communication between the Aboriginal People and a company harvesting minerals in Australia; bringing an Iraqi company and an American company together effectively to run a $20 billion project in Iraq.