A Profoundly Satisfying Life 30-Days at a time!

You want a change.
You really do.

You know what to start (and you know what to stop) to make those changes happen.

But you don't do it.

You are committed to truly making a difference in the ares of life that are important to you.

THAT is the power of Community Journeys.

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What is the Practice of Practicing: 30-Day Challenge?


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Commit to practices make the most difference for the life you want going forward. 


Use the power of community to support you in doing what you say you will do and to help you when you struggle. 


Get weekly coaching videos and performance tips to accelerate your actions. 

What will it take to design the life you want, really?

Practices and Actions.

I'm committed that you have the life you want - living gloriously, happily - being and doing what you intend. And, I know the ONLY way to get that is to practice. But it's not that simple either - it takes designing practices that will produce the outcomes you've intended and then actually doing your practices!

Almost no one can do this effectively alone.


Each Month We Will

  • Have a webinar in which you’ll create between one and three practices for 30 days (no more than three).
  • Work together to create practices that are doable, measurable and make a difference.
  • Report daily in private groups of 6 - 8 people how you’re doing with your practices - did you do the practice? What did you learn? Any insights?
  • Have the support of the group to help you maintain your practices for 30 days. At the end of which you’ll determine if you want to keep practicing the 1 - 3 practices you took on or if you’d like to practice something new.


Creating and trying practices for 30 days will

  • Help you determine which practices make the most difference for the life you want going forward
  • Alter your experience of your day to day life
  • Give you the experience of power and choice (even if you decide to change up your practices)
  • Produce the outcomes you intend for your life. 

How Does it Work?

 Each month, you will join a “The Practice of Practicing” webinar to design which one, two or three practices you’ll take on for the month. Then you’ll join a small community of 5-8 people - this community will support you on a daily basis in doing your practices for the 30 days (and you’ll support them).

Join Anytime

You can join the Practice of Practicing: 30-Days of Challenges at anytime. Dedicate a year to designing actions that lead you to a satisfied and fulfilling life.

"I have new insights, a more clear way of thinking about my practices and how to design them.  The examples, suggestions of potential practices and discussion really have made a difference in my approach."

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