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An intentional life that has impact, produces the results you want, and leaves you deeply satisfied - with joy and love. 

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The Practice of Practicing: 30-Day Challenges

You want to change. You really do. And you know what to start (and you know what to stop) to make those changes happen. But you don't do it.

Whatever your reasons have been - you CAN do it. 

We'll start fresh each month of the year. You'll create your own practices (those you want to start and those you want to stop). You'll practice for 30 days with a community of like-minded explorers to support you. At the end of each 30 days, you'll complete the practices you designed and create new ones (or keep those that are working for you). 

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Why Community Journeys? 

We know that when people are engaged in #ConsciousDoing they will make changes, deliver their intentions, make stuff happen, and maybe even change the world.
Community Journeys is a live and online platform that blends community support, the science of performance, the heart of intention, and designed, conscious action so you can create a life that brings you peaceful joy while making a powerful impact in the areas you care about. 

Meet Andrea Bednar 
Master Performance Coach 

With more than twenty years in performance consulting, Andrea Bednar has designed and delivered performance programs to thousands of people, and successfully delivered hundreds of corporate programs. From her background and experience, Andrea knows that performance-minded people focus on results because that's what they've been taught – often burning out along the way, and rarely sustaining the outcomes.

Her mission is to have you stop focusing on results and start focusing on practices that are aligned with your purpose and values. When you focus on practices, actions and behaviors, you will then deliver measurable results, producing the experience of profound satisfaction, joy and a love for life.

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